Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009

Some days I am optimistic - I see the glass half full... ...other days I think I am never able to accomplish anything and the glass is definitely half empty!

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  1. Trust me girl - that looks great on both sides! You should see MY garage!! LOL! It is still piled high with boxes from the move that haven't been sorted out yet, plus the garage stuff, plus the shed stuff, plus the business stockroom, plus the business packing area, plus the freezer and recycling boxes. All of that in an area of a one car garage!!! Just imagine the mess - you'll feel better about yours. Comparing my garage to yours - your glass in not only half full - it is half full of champagne compared to my glass which has the bottom smashed out of it right now! LOL! Love ya! - Debs