Monday, March 1, 2010


I am so goal oriented, and so organized in my thinking that I just couldn't restart this project unless it was a beginning of something. Well, today is the beginning of March...March 1st. And while it does bug me that it is two months into a new year is still a beginning. It is a sickness, I know. The other thing I know about myself is that I set high expectations. Usually too high that I could actually meet them. So toady, March 1st, a new beginning, I am lowering the bar. I can't very easily rename the blog, but instead of a daily picture, I'm going to try a weekly picture. So each week I will pick a theme (with the help of you!) and try to get a picture within that theme. Then on Saturday, I will post the picture. I guarantee I will take lots of pictures just trying to get the perfect one to fit that theme, but there is less pressure to do that every day. I think I can handle once a week. If by June I am not being consistent, you may see this change to once a month...

So give me some theme ideas...I will put them in a jar and draw one out every Sunday and then post on Saturday.

Here's to new beginnings...


  1. To be honest, I think you're still setting high expectations! :) A picture a week is totally reasonable, but only shooting for an arbitrary theme and posting on Saturday may eventually cause trouble. :)

    If you're set on a theme, how 'bout a monthly theme, so you can work on that theme for 4-5 weeks/shots? And instead of forcing a theme on your photos, you could let a theme happening in your family that month dictate the photos. Have a month with lots of birthdays (June?), then make that month about birthday photos. Have a month with lots of traveling? That month can be about travel photos. Sickness, surgery, sports? There you go. Church activities heavy in a particular month? That's your theme. Seasons/holidays could fill in for months where there isn't anything "happening" (which I'm sure would be rare in a family of 8). Shots that include you could also be a theme. You can look ahead at your calendar and assign yourself themes for each month. :)

    I also like the idea of just shooting for "daily life" shots, so you can look back at your year and remember the scope of it. :)

    And if you get a photo and you want to post it on Wednesday, but next week don't get one until the following Sunday, then so be it. No pressure!!!

    I began another "daily" photo gallery on my birthday in October. It hasn't been a true daily gallery this time, but that's OK. I add to it as I do it, and it's enjoyable and I think it has some of my best photos. So there. :)

    Love ya! And I can't wait to see your photos!


  2. Daily life ideas:

    shots of different the table, meals being made, kids cooking, favorite foods

    school related...doing homework; walking/riding up the street/driveway from school; bunches of backpacks, coats, boots, shoes, lunchboxes

    playing games...indoors or outdoors

    kids doing their favorite activities, creations made by the kids (Legos, drawings, a super tall block tower, etc...)

    shoot a tree/plant/bush/corner of the yard each month and watch it change with the seasons

    pets and pets with kids

    guests and visitors, trips to Grandma's house

    what the kitchen counter looks like when a Costco run has been unloaded onto it

    in the car...your car loaded with kids! know it will happen again this summer

    regular outings/doings that are just part of your regular routine that someday won't be

  3. I just posted a big list of "daily life" ideas, and when I hit "post comment" it disappeared. :( I'll try it again later.

  4. Oh good it's there. Never mind...going away now. :)

  5. I love your ideas!!!

    We really should have our "yearly" phone call soon!!! Miss you guys!